Dolyak Delivery – 19 November 2012

First up from Reddit is a series of suggestions in relation to the event and how ArenaNet can learn from Trion. I don’t believe the Lost Shores was perfect, and its pacing was a little poor at times.  However, I do believe ArenaNet are beginning to find their feet.  They have numerous difficulties to overcome which I’ll be covering more in an editorial in the next few days, but overall are doing really well.  As for the suggestions, all are sensible ideas.  What would you recommend for future improvements?

Next on the list and still with Reddit, is a huge thread of people discussing the success of the Lost Shores.  I absolutely loved it, though many bemoaned the “reinforcements” for taking too long.  What are your thoughts on the reinforcement waves and the length of time it took to battle through them? Our Overflow server managed to skip through them relatively quickly.

Did you know that you could run the event on each of your alternative characters? As I have three, I managed to take part in the event three times and thus open the chest three times.  Unfortunately, I only received 1 pre-cursor (only!) but I know of several people who received more than two (sob).

Were you disconnected during the final phase of the event? You aren’t alone. However, do not panic.  It looks like ArenaNet are attempting to compensate those who took part, who couldn’t loot their well deserved chest.

Here’s an interesting topic about the one time event. I understand the frustration for those who can’t participate, but some of the arguments against one-time-events are laughable. I can’t play half the amount of time as others and yet I don’t complain at an imbalance, or unfair advantage (like some are).  Yes the rewards for those participating were great, but I get the impression that most people are bothered about the fact they’ve missed out on potential riches (or precursors) and not because they missed the event. If you were genuinely that bothered about attending the event, you would use annual leave, take a flexi-day or even skip school/class if necessary.  The fact it’s also on a Sunday night couldn’t have been any more accommodating for the vast majority.

On a similar subject, there’s also a mammoth discussion over on the official forums about the fact pre-cursors even dropped at all.  What are your thoughts? I’m absolutely indifferent even though I got one as I went to have fun, not to come out with hordes of loot.  Yes I’d have loved a Dawn or similar (I got a Howl – booo!) but I don’t begrudge those who got better.  Isn’t that the entire purpose of a random loot chest, that it’s random? Once again the thread starter here comes across as bitter at the fact he didn’t get one, which surely isn’t a good basis for argument.

Hunter’s Insight weighs up the pro’s and con’s of one time events and comes to the conclusion they aren’t worth doing.  I really couldn’t disagree more based on the fact they feel entirely different because they are one time events.  Yes ArenaNet’s servers struggled at times (primarily on the first day) but overall, I think they held out well considering the number of players.

Lastly and still with Hunter’s Insight and although not technically Lost Shores content (Ascended Items have inevitably arrived in this patch because of it) I have to link this article simply because it wins the “Editorial title of the year” award: The Lost Their Shit Shores.

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