Elementalist Build Guide: Glass Cannon/Dagger/Dagger

In this guide we turn up the damage meter to maximum. I won’t beat about this bush, this build guide deals serious damage and is capable of one-shotting players who aren’t paying attention or who themselves are berserker specialised. Be warned, it takes skill to survive with it and perfect timing. 

Please Note: This build transfers directly to PvE and WvW, you simply need to buy Berserker items. 

+ Capable of dealing massive damage

– You can literally die in seconds

+ No really, you can one-shot other players

– Relies heavily on a perfect skill rotation to deal maximum damage

+ Excels at acting as a spike support for capturing a point

– Relies heavily on Cantrips and having all your cooldowns available

+ Brilliant mobility and combat speed

– Is vulnerable to condition dealing players

+ Plenty of stun removals and defensive Cantrips (use wisely!)

– Requires a solid team to truely excel in TPvP

+ Works really well in PvE as it is capable of chewing through enemies quickly

Please Note: If you find yourself dying too often to conditions, user Ether Renewal

Please Note: If you find yourself dying too often to conditions, swap out 10 points from Fire Magic and place them into Water, taking the trait Cleansing Wave.

The entire purpose of this build is to deal massive damage. The only survivability is through the elementalists quick movement and general dagger/dagger mobility. You will die almost instantly if focused, but with clever play you can last a considerable amount of time. I designed this build because too many elementalists choose to bunker and I wanted to find something that actually used the fire and lightning trait lines. There is no suggestion here that the build is ideal for all tournament play, as it really shines from sneak attacks on the control point. 

The fact that your attacks deal more damage the weaker your enemy gets makes this excellent for finishing other players when your team mates have done the work. Having hit opposing players for as much as 8,000 on a single skill it really can wipe the floor with large groups it simply requires practice and patience. Getting frustrated when you die quickly doesn’t mean it’s a poor build, you just need to choose your fights and your moments. 

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