For all those OMG TREADMILL Types

Now stop coming here and complaining non-stop.

Ascended is basically it gear wise.

Only not.

Ascended gear was introduced because, when the number of players began the typical “post MMO release” fall, ArenaNet noticed many of those leaving were asking for things to grind for, and to grind in order to become more powerful.

So then, ArenaNet began introducing new, more powerful items, one type at a time, and each new type requiring a new currency, so it would take a long time for people to get that gear.

Tell me one, thing, though – what do you think is going to happen when those players ArenaNet listened to, the ones who wanted something more to grind for, get all the Ascended gear?

Do you think they are going to stop and say “wow, I wasn’t happy with exotics but NOW I’m happy”? Honestly?

Prepare for a new carrot making people more powerful. Even assuming ArenaNet won’t introduce a new set of gear (and I don’t believe it), it would be easy for them to keep fueling the gear treadmill in other ways, such as by increasing the level cap and thus turning all Ascended items obsolete.

When Anet first thought of ascended gear, the game was very good, but it had no stickiness. People could leave it quite easily. I said then, if you recall, that the ascended gear was a stop gap measure until other things were taken care of. I also said it would take about a year for that stuff to start happening.

Now that the game has other avenues of stickiness (achievement points and LS), which people do log in to do, Anet doesn’t need to add more tiers of gear.

Like all MMOs, Guild Wars 2 has had to find itself. What it turned out to be is very different than the game that originally launched…but I can see the seeds of some of the ideas in what they’re doing now. For example, Anet has always spoken of a living breathing world and they’re trying to find ways to make that happen (with mixed success I might add).

The point is, when Anet introduced Ascended gear, what they needed was a quick fix. It was, as I’ve always maintained, a compromise.

There are probably enough players in the game now that are focused on achievement points, where more gear grind won’t be necessary. Especially if stuff starts coming in that people enjoy.

I mean the LFG tool is coming on the 17, and that will help too. The wallet helps. The culling thing helps.

I don’t really think (and have never really thought) that Anet wants to add a full on gear treadmill.

Am I happy with ascended gear being in the game? No, not really. But I understand why it’s there.

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