Fractals Fix Soon?

Over on the official forums there has been a good amount of clamouring over fixing the Fractals of the Mists dungeon. In case you are not aware the issue is that if you are disconnected from the dungeon it is impossible to get back in with the same group as long as the run is in progress. This of course is a major issue for players, but thankfully Colin Johanson gave us the following information:

We’ve got people working specifically on this issue, it has turned out to be much more complicated due to the way fractals are implemented than we hoped. We’ll have a fix for this soon as it’s tested enough we think it’s clearly solved and doesn’t cause any other issues.

We are at least a week and a half away on a fix for this, possibly longer depending on how long it takes to test it properly, we wouldn’t want to deploy anything that makes the issue worse!

Thanks for your patience, we wish this one was super easy! =)

Let’s hope the testing goes well and we can see a fix in the near future!

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