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 Fractals of the Mists

If you haven’t already read Sardu’s Complete Guide to Fractals of the Mists, you really should.  In the interim, Innuendo and I have gotten together this week to take on the Fractals and provide unique guides for each one.  Surprisingly there are still a huge number of players who have yet to run a single Fractal and having grouped with random players, it’s also apparent how little information there is on each Fractal and what you have to do (it’s painstaking to explain each encounter).

What makes producing guides for Fractals a little trickier is the fact that at higher levels of difficulty the monsters in them react differently and obtain an enhanced set of skills to make your life more difficult. With all that in mind, we’re going to begin releasing our first set of guides this coming Friday (Thanksgiving permitting) with future updates and enhancements to them based on increased difficulty.

Before all that however, if we you feel there’s anything we should be covering in relation to the Fractals or have a suggestion on how to go about it, do let us know in the comment below or drop me an email on

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