Guild Wars 2 Additional Crafting License, Mystical Dragon Finisher, and More in the Gem Store!

It’s a busy week here at the Black Lion Trading Company! From a license to allow you to learn an additional crafting profession on each character to an eye-catching new finisher and returning miniatures, we’ve got something for everyone!

  • New—Additional Crafting License!

    Purchase an Additional Crafting License to allow every character on your account to have one extra active crafting discipline! You can purchase one license for a total of three active crafting disciplines.

  • New—Mystical Dragon Finisher!

    Destroy your rivals with a dizzying firework display! Summon a mystical dragon which will twist and turn over your fallen enemies before exploding in a shower of light.

  • Black Lion Chest Updates

    We’ve revamped the Black Lion Chest so it’s easier to use and understand than ever before! In addition, we’ve adjusted Black Lion Chest drops slightly to be more rewarding. For the next two weeks, get a guaranteed bonus fourth item from every chest you open!

  • Flame and Frost Dye Kits

    We’ve brought back the popular Flame and Frost Dye Kits for a limited time! You’ve got just over a week to pick up these kits and collect their colors, including twelve exclusive sizzling and frigid dyes!

  • Wurm and Dragon Bash Miniatures

    For just two more days, you can get your hands on the Dragon Bash Mini Pack, containing three holographic miniatures, and the Great Jungle Wurm 3 Pack, which has miniaturized Amber, Cobalt, and Crimson Great Jungle Wurms!

  • Promotions

    Keep an eye on the Black Lion Trading Company’s Promotions tab, where you’ll find these limited-time items and more!

  • Get More Gold!

    Remember that you can exchange gems and gold at our currency exchange on the second tab of the Black Lion Trading Company! Currently, you can get 1 gold for about 15 gems and 50 gold for about 655 gems!

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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