Guild Wars 2 Incredible New Items in the Gem Store

It’s a full week for the Black Lion Trading Company! We’re bringing in a new spring mini, adding to our Lawless armor line, and bringing back the last of our limited-time outfits. Read on to learn about this week’s offerings!

  • New—Mini Arctodus Cub!

    This Mini Arctodus redefines cuteness, and unlike the grown-up version, this little cub is not the least bit bloodthirsty! Take one home this week!

  • New—Lawless Boots & Gloves!

    We’re continuing our impressive Lawless armor line with these deadly looking boots and gloves! Grab a pair today!

  • Witch’s Outfit

    You’ve got just one week to pick up the Witch’s outfit, complete with its own fully functional broom for riding! This is the last outfit that we’re bringing back to celebrate the introduction of the Wardrobe system.

  • Ending Soon: Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Kits

    This special commemorative dye kit contains stunning colors that evoke the spirit and sights of Lion’s Arch. Be sure to get any exclusive colors you’re missing before they leave the store next week!

  • Sclerite and Winter’s Weapons

    In just three weeks, my Black Lion Weapon Specialists will stop carrying the Sclerite and Winter’s weapon skins. Don’t miss out on these lovely weapons! Remember, these weapons are bought with special claim tickets found in Black Lion Chests.

  • Get More Gold!

    Remember that you can exchange gems and gold at our currency exchange on the second tab of the Black Lion Trading Company! Currently, you can get 1 gold for about 15 gems and 50 gold for about 675 gems!

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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