Guild Wars 2 New Permanent Harvesting Scythe and More in the Gem Store!

This week, the Black Lion Trading company is pleased to present the Jack-in-the-Box Scythe, the latest and greatest innovation in the realm of portable harvesting technology. In addition, we’ve got some festive Hallows Fortune Fireworks, with which you can delight and amaze your friends! Read on for more details.

  • New—Jack-in-the-Box Scythe

    Harvest in style with the new, permanent Jack-in-the-Box Scythe! From the icy slopes of the Shiverpeaks to the sunny beaches of Orr, there’s no plant tough enough to withstand this Jack-in-the-Box’s blade!

  • New—Hallows Fortune Fireworks

    Set off your very own fireworks show with this bundle of ghoulish firecrackers! Dazzle your friends with a variety of sparkling spooks, then light the finale firework to share a Magic Find Boost with nearby folks nearby! *

  • Leaving Soon

    The miniature Risen in our Tequatl Rising Mini Pack are starting to give my stock manager the creeps. You’ve got one week left to pick up a set of cuddly zombies or the Deathly Dye Pack!

  • Pick Up A Minis 3-Pack Set 1!

    This is your last week to pick up the Minis 3-Pack Set 1 from the Black Lion Trading Company! On October 15, the Minis 3-Pack Set 1 will cease to be a regular store offering. This is your last week to buy the original 3-pack outside of limited special event sales.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

    *Note: In an effort to keep soldiers off of the disabled list, Commander Siegerazer has banned the use of Hallows Fortune Fireworks in World vs. World.

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