GW2 Super Adventure Box Back to School Patch preview

A preview of the GW2 Super Adventure Box Back to School patch coming in later today. Artwork is drawn by Iske, my amazing artist friend.

September is here and Tyrians are heading back to school with the Super Adventure Box! In addition to a completed World 2 and a sneak peak at World 3, players can expect a new Tribulation mode for World 1 and World 2 that is sure to bring frustration and pain.

World 1 & Changes to Loot

If you didn’t get to complete World 1 last time back in April, there is no need to worry. World 1 will return with all of its achievements along with a  King Toad Green Backpack cover for completion of the meta achievements. Players who completed the World 1 achievements last time will retain all of their achievements and receive the King Toad Green Backpack cover automatically. Several new secret locations have being added to World 1 as well for players to discover.

To prevent the mindless grinding and farming that happened last time, Arenanet have changed all the chest loot and dig spots to account bound daily. This make it a bit harder to get the good stuff.

If you did not get a chance to grab the SAB weapons last time, they unfortunately will not be returning. Instead, players can purchase the 9 weapons left out last time for the same price of 50 Bauble Baubles and a gold. (Mace, Axe, Warhorn, Focus, Torch, Pistol, Rifle, Dagger, Hammer)

World 2

Players who had a chance to play in the sneak peak for World 2 Zone 1 will recall the rapids, the narrow bridges, and the assassins sent to hunt you down. You will need to revisit zone 1 again for the new set of achievements that have you again finding hidden rooms and gathering all the baubles.

gw2-sab-back-to-school-patch-previewIn the limited preview we had, World 2 zone 2 was shown. Zone 2 is a mountainous area with a distinctive Asian theme that have neat little dojos and palaces on top of mountains and cliffs. This zone is a lot more open world and exploratory compared to other zones with quite a lot of different paths you can take. Generally, the harder the path, the better the rewards. Baubles are also a bit harder a come by with most of them well off the main path. Don’t let the peaceful appearance deceive you as this zone is populated with all sorts of nasty creatures. There are ninjas shooting stars, frogs that swallow you, and stealth owls that steal your hard earned baubles.

gw2-sab-back-to-school-patch-preview-2That is only half the challenge as you will soon learn that your surrounding environment is just as deadly. There are dart traps that on various doors and passages that will one shot you. One wrong step and your chest is pumped full of darts. You will learn to recognize these traps quickly and find detours that allow you skip past these traps. In addition to the traps, there are various puzzles that challenge your brain. One puzzle, pictured here, will have you try to find a way to tip the massive scale so you can hop on to the next checkpoint.

It wouldn’t be a dojo without a master. You will soon encounter a dojo master mini boss that will teach you the art of dodging and reflects. This mini boss pays homage to Megaman and defeating him which give you a giant Glove of Wisdom which allow you to push various stationary stone blocks to act as a mobile platform or break apart wooden barriers blocking doorways like a Kung Fu master.

Armed with the giant glove, you will need to make you way past another puzzle that pays homage to push block puzzles that you may have played ages ago. You will need to push the various stone blocks in place with your glove while avoiding the deadly dart traps. One wrong push and you are good as dead.


If none of these truly excite you, how about rolling a gong from top of a temple to the bottom while using it to block dart traps? This pays homage Chinese nightclub scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie where Indiana Jones must roll a big gong to avoid enemy machine gun fire.

Keep an eye out for a secret shop that sells a Wooden Whistle for 250 baubles. It can various songs from the SAB.

Tribulation Mode

For those who find things like the clocktower jumping puzzle easy, Tribulation mode is for you. This is an extremely time consuming and difficult content designed for only a small group of players who truly want a challenge. If you think world 2 is bad with all the dart traps, that is nothing compared to Tribulation mode.

In Tribulation mode, everything can and will kill you in one hit. Harmless flowers will explode, rocks will suddenly jump up and smash you, and even checkpoints are not safe. Take one wrong step and you will fall into an invisible ditch or mine field. Obvious and easy routes are often blocked by No Clouds, forcing you to take a longer and more dangerous path. Players will die a lot and will need to spend time farming baubles so they can buy more continue coins to continue their addiction.


Luckily, there are more checkpoints in Tribulation mode compared to normal mode. This will at least take some of the frustration out and allow you to experiment abit. Tribulation mode exists for world 1& 2 and is available for solo or group of players but it might be better to do this solo unless you want to lose some friends. All players must reach a checkpoint to activate it so there is no riding the coat tails of other players for the baddies among us.

With great challenge comes great rewards. Players who complete world 1 on Tribulation mode can purchase a green color variant of the Super weapons (the full set is available as opposed to just the 9 weapons for the normal mode weapons). Similarity, players who complete world 2 on Tribulation mode can purchase a yellow color variant. Players who complete world 3 Tribulation mode in a future release can look forward to a red color variant (purple for world 4). To purchase a weapon, you must get an item from each of the zone chests and then purchase a weapon design from Moto, combining them in the Mystic Forge will give you the desired weapons.


Much like World 1, World 2 also have achievements that have you finding all the secret rooms and find all the baubles. Complete 13 of the World 2 achievements and you can earn yourself a new title (Honor in Applied Jumping) along with a new backpiece (Storm Wizards’s Backpack Cover).

Tribulation mode also have its own separate set of achievements but doesn’t seem to offer any titles or rewards beyond the special weapon skins and the numerous achievement points.

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