Highlights from the Ascended Weapon Preview Livestream

Guild Wars 2

The livestream was a wealth of information covering how to make the new Ascended weapons, Magic Find system and the updates to Legendary weapons. They also covered the issue of Transmuted Legendaries and some hinted details on the Precursors that we don’t cover here. At the end of this article you’ll find a link to the livestream and I highly recommend watching it if you have time, as we covered only the main highlights of the stream.

Ascended Rifle

From 400 to 450 you will craft the normal Exotic Gear. The exotic recipes you have previously discovered will reset to allow you to re-discover the recipe to get the crafting bonus experience to level up faster. 

Bloodstone Brick

At 450 you will be able to start crafting the Ascended Materials. These materials can only be refined in a certain amount once per daily reset. These materials are either account bound or can be sold/traded as you see fit and it seems like the refined materials are the ones that are ones that can be sold. To get the raw materials you need to do certain things across gameplay that are roughly listed below:

Temple Chests in OrrMegabossesKeeps and Castles in WvWDungeons and Mini-dungeonsJumping PuzzlesCamps and Towers in WvW

Some of these refinement recipes will require Obsidian Shards, Ectoplasms and all sorts of random combination of materials. For instance the Bloodstone Brick requires 100 Blodstone Dust, 2 Obsidian Shards and 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents while Deldrimor Steel is 20 Iron Ingots, 10 Steel Ingot, 20 Darksteel Ingot and 1 Lump of Mithrillium. The Lump of Mithrillium? 50 Mithril Ingots, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm and 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents and they can only be made once per day.

The Ascended Inscription Recipe costs 21,000 Karma to purchase. The Ascended Weapon Recipes is 5 Laurels and 3 Gold each to purchase. 

All crafted Ascended Weapons will be account bound on creation, and it was stated that it would take about two weeks to craft one.


There are Ascended Weapons for each weapon, and for each different stat combination (Rampager’s, Berzerkers, Etcetera) they have a different color and glow. 

Two-Handed Infusions will have 2 Infusion slots while One-Handers will, of course, have only one infusion slot.

Legendary Weapons are getting upgraded to Ascended Status with all the infusion slots to go with it. With this they are also implementing the ability to swap the stats on the Legendary weapons out of combat. Lastly a lot of weapons are getting some visual updates and specifically Meteorlogicus, The Moot, Eternity and Bifrost. 

Magic Find

Essences of Luck will be required in order to raise your Account Magic Find. A “Luck Bar” will be very similar to your experience bar, and to raise it you will use the Essence of Luck to fill the bar. 300% Magic Find appears to be the cap you can get currently, and all players will get a free amount of Essences of Luck to get you to 20%.

You can find the full recording of the livestream here so you can get all the juicy details! Link!

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