How to build out the guns

In this guide we see how to go about creating Ascended the weapon. In this example, we show how to construct a sword.

First and foremost, you have to be 500 in the formation of disciplines to complete the construction. Our formation guides you can find through the navigation menu.

The construction of the Ascended the weapon works differently than another, simply 4 components: 1 the inscription, 2 parts and unique material. In most cases, recipes for Ascended weapons (and signs) can be purchased from the vendor, when it will cost you about 3 gold and some laurels.

Unlike traditional approaches to the formation of refining forge Ascended weapons is quite length and there are a significant amount of material. If you want to make things better, we have summarised in the table below each process requires in terms of raw materials, how to improve it, and what it actually means to refine it. I would like to say thank you to @thevalliants for his awesome work over on the excellent season of the Dragon, that good that we use it (it really is a life saver!).

Please keep in mind that some of the items needed will cost you skill points and karma (for Obsidian shards), so be sure to have banked enough.

SourceRaw MaterialRefined MaterialCost edit/create 100 piles of Bloodstone dust; 2. Obsidian shards; 10 CatalystsTemples, Mega bosses, towers and Keeps100 Dragonite ore; 2. Obsidian shards; 10 CatalystsDungeons, Mini dungeons, jumping puzzles, Tower and Keeps100 Empyrean Fragment; 2. Obsidian shards; 10 CatalystsThermocatalytic reagent (AKA-catalyst) 5 Bloodstone bricks; 5 Dragonite ingots; 5 Empyrean stars; 1 Angurs Stone50 older wood boards; 1 Glob of ectoplasm; 10 Catalysts50 Mithril ingots; 1 Glob of ectoplasm; 10 CatalystsSoft, a tough and experienced Log20 wood soft wood boards; 20 hard wood boards; 10 Seasoned wood boards; 1 the ghost of older Residue20 Glob of iron ingots; 10 Steel ingots; Darksteel ingot 20; 1 piece MithriliumRefining Ectoplasms is limited to 24 hour timer, which allows only 1 clarification per day, for each account. Obsidian improvements can be carried out at any time, but a sophisticated materials are bound account and therefore cannot be sold or traded. Enhancement of the quality of the items, like the above are also bound to account, however, may be traded “materials”.

Simply Follow the corresponding colors in the image below. Please note that you will need to save (for) the exotic weapons, based on the attributes you want to your weapon. In addition, there are minor variations on the recipes of each weapon with a picture below Ascended only shows the process for the Angchu blade.

Get the recipes (Master Crafter NPC)

A church inscription recipe: 21,000 karmaAscended gun recipe: 5 laurels & 3 gold

The Church of the mystical item (Miyani)

Angur’s Stone: 20 skill points

Church sign crafts

10 droplets of dark matter (the rescue of exotic goods), 1 steel plated Deldrimor dowels

3 Deldrimor steel ingots

20 Iron Ingots10 Steel Ingots20 Ingots1 Mithrilium50 piece from Darksteel Mithril Ingots1 Glob of Ectoplasm10 ‘ catalysts “

3 surfboards Spiritwood

20 soft wood hard wood Planks20 wood Planks1 Planks10 spicy Globe older spirit Residue50 older wood Planks1 Glob Ectoplasm10 catalysts

1 Exotic inscription

3 Orichalcum Ingots2 old wood Planks5 droplets of Ectoplasm5 Tier 6 materials (it only depends on the weapons statistics) 10 piles of dust Crystaline

Craft gun part 1 (swords)

20 Iron Ingots10 steel Ingots20 Ingots50 Ingots1 Mithril Darksteel Glob Ectoplasm5 piles of Crystaline Dust50 catalysts

Craft gun part 2 (blade)

As well as hand gun part 1

The formation of the vision of the Crystal

100 Ores2 Shards10 Obsidian Catalysts100 Dragonite Empyrean Fragments2 Obsidian Shards10 catalysts

5 Bloodstone bricks

100 Piles Bloostone Dust2 Obsidian Shards10 catalysts

1 Angur Stone

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