Karma Hoarders Rejoice

As part of the latest patch ArenaNet made a change so that Karma jugs, sips, gulps, etc no longer work with the various types of boosters. While this is a very logical change given that Karma is now account bound instead of character bound, many people are up in arms because there was no warning about the change. Fear not though, karma hoarders rejoice!

Many people, myself included, were hoarding all the types of Karma items until you managed to get a booster, a guild banner, and any other type of Karma increase so that you could use all the items and maximize the amount of karma gained from the items. Now that these no longer work on the Karma items many people feel robbed of the extra karma that they could have had before the change. 

Colin Johanson hit up the forums to assuage us that this is all their fault:

This is totally our fault, we dropped the ball on this plain and simple. We planned to have this messaged ahead of time to be fair to everyone, communication broke down between those who knew it was supposed to be messaged, and those who were supposed to message it and it simply didn’t happen.

As game director this is ultimately my fault first and foremost, and I’m sorry for those who potentially lost some karma as a result. It is our policy to message these kind of changes ahead of time with lots of warning, I’ll do everything possible to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.

I’d recommend not using your karma consumables yet, give us a day or two to try and see what options we have available to help mitigate the issue.

So don’t go using your Karma items just yet as you may still be able to get a boost on them at a later date. For those of us that used them…oh well, sucks to be us. 

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