Mike Zadorojny – IGN Up at Noon interview + PAX news

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Mike Zadorojny – IGN Up at Noon interview

Arenanet’s Mike “Z” appeared on IGN’s Up at Noon to give an interview regarding the 1 year anniversary of the game, along with some hints at what’s to come.  He gives an overview of the major updates done to the game, and discusses some milestones.

He also outlined the living story content system, which is now on a 2-week, 4 team basis.  The studio still features the same amount of employees as at launch.  He confirmed a little under 70 people work on the living story teams, the rest working under a set of “core teams” creating tools, such as the LFG tool.

Some highlights: Team working on the LFG tool is “upon close release.”
Game was launched “unfinished” in his eyes, constant expansion.
Studio focused on looking at what to do beyond living story, but not dropping the living story.
Many of the major changes of Guild Wars 2 (no dedicated healer, even system, etc) based upon consumer feedback from Guild Wars 1.
PAX hints… Saturday of PAX “taking of Ballroom of Ren.hotel.”
PAX will have a sneak peak at September content.
PAX will feature multiple panels of all areas of the studio.
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