Necromancer Build Guide: Wells/Dagger/Focus/Staff

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Necromancer Build Guide

Normally when one thinks of Necro it’s a heavy conditions build designed to kill through time and attrition. I took it a different route with a Berseker/Knight’s build with a focus on Wells. The main appeal to this build is all the life steal and survivability you have despite pouring on some heavy damage. The beauty of this build is that you can almost directly take it as-is into PvP or PvE, as well as how adaptable it is.

Positives and Negatives

– Can leave you under equipped if not already prepared.

– When wells on cooldown it lacks the same kick

+ Very durable while fighting in your Wells

– Very easily bursted down outside of Wells

– No stun breakers (unless you adapt for it)


Necro Traits

Chilling DarknessFocused RitualsWithering PrecisionRitual of ProtectionVampiric PrecisionRitual MasteryVampiric Rituals

All of these traits are either synergizing with your Wells or with your crits. Focused Rituals, Ritual of Protection, Ritual Mastery, Vampiric Rituals and Chilling Darkness all directly work with your wells to provide you: 20% reduced cooldown on wells, protection when a well is cast, your wells lifesteal and you well of darkness also causes the Chilled condition. Withering Precision and Vampiric Precision work with your crits to provide you bonus lifesteal and vulnerability when you crit. The beauty of those two is that your wells can also crit, so you’re practically always proccing these.

Please Note: You can replace Focused Rituals or Chilling Darkness with Reaper’s Precision for extra life force generation. 


Build Bar

Consume ConditionsWell of SufferingWell of DarknessBlood is PowerLich Form

Consume Conditions is your only condition removal in this build, as well as being one of the best heals Necros have. Well of Suffering is to provide some major stacks of Vulnerability as well as your main source of well damage while Well of Darkness is to provide some blindness CC and Chill, while both are siphoning health for you. Blood is Power is great to really boost your damage output, and you can cleanse off the damage if you know you aren’t going to see more incoming. Lich Form is great for when you’re coming up to a boss and you’ve already done your main weapon combo (we’ll go over it later) so you can pound on extra damage with the first skill.

Please Note: Blood is Power can be replaced with Well of Corruption, Well of Power, Spectral Armor or Plague Signet depending on what you’re facing. Well of Power and Plague Signet can help you clear off more conditions, as well as provide you solid stunbreakers. Well of Corruption if you need extra damage and healing (via lifesteal), while cleansing pesky boons. Spectral Armor if you just want a bit more protection and cushion via your Death Shroud. Alternatively, Spectral Grasp is a great way to keep opponents in your wells.

Upgrades and Amulets

Necro Items

Berserker and KnightsSuperior Sigil of BloodlustSuperior Sigil of ForceSuperior Sigil of EnergySuperior Rune of the Eagle x 6

Berserker and Knights are to provide you a high crit chance while splashing in a bit of sustainability and extra crit damage so you can get the most out of your lifesteals. Superior Runes of the Eagle are to further accent your crit chance, damage and to really start cutting the fight down at the 50% mark. Superior Sigil of Bloodlust and Force are to emphasize on your damage by giving you a snowball and a bit of a sustained damage boost. I chose Superior Sigil of Energy on my staff as my staff is usually my panic button and to have that extra dodge can be helpful while I wait for cooldowns.


You want to draw your opponent inside your wells so you can get maximum use out of them and typically you are going to use your body for that, and what better for that small space than the melee distance dagger that hits like a truck with it’s auto-attack? Coupled with it’s lifesteal and immobility you can dominate your designated area. Focus synergizes well with your wells via giving you regeneration and more vulnerability via Reaper’s Touch and Spinal Shivers is great for that boon removal and the chill to keep them in your wells just a bit longer. Lastly, I like staff as a panic option and a preparation option. Having all your marks burst, drop your wells and then swap to dagger for the immobilize can really eat through a lot of opponents.

Please Note: Some people swear my Dagger/Warhorn, but I just didn’t like how it felt at times. It does all synergize well considering you are trying to keep your opponent close, but I felt it offered little to adapt to situations. Axe can replace Dagger if you want more sustained vulnerability and a bust of damage, or it can replace Staff as it has a range option (in which case I would use Axe/Dagger to keep them controlled until your wells recharge).

For an attack rotation my typical rotation is:

Blood is PowerReaper’s TouchWell of SufferingWell of DarknessDark PactAuto-attack or Lich Form (depending on if you’re up against a particularly tough group)

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