Playing with the Elements: So Long Mist Form

Hello again folks and welcome back for another week of Playing with the Elements! Have you been enjoying the new Queen’s Jubilee content? Right now is a great time to run with a zerg and work on those alts as you can get a good bit of experience from all the events and mobs in the new area. But that’s not what we’re going to discuss today; today, let’s take a look at the final death knell of a once beloved skill, Mist Form.

Mist Form has had some interesting ups and downs over it’s life in the game and at times we have to wonder just what does ArenaNet want to do with this skill. Back before the April 30th update when used Mist Form locked you out of your weapon skills, but left you free to use your healing, utility, and elite skills. All was right with the world in those days because this allowed you to ensure that you got a heal off, provided a buff, or went into Tornado without being interrupted in some form or fashion. After that patch this all changed, and we are now locked out of everything on our bar.

Even with those changes the skill was still useful because it provided invulnerability which was fantastic in many situations. Need to resurrect a player? Pop Mist Form while doing so and you could ignore the mob chewing on your face or trying to knock you away. This was especially useful during the Aetherblade dungeon where the Mega-Lazers-of-DOOM made it difficult to revive a player. Not an issue for us Ele’s though! Pop Mist Form and just let the beam roll on by. Ah…those were the days. It was also useful for taking points in WvW or PvP since you couldn’t be moved while it was active.

Good night sweet prince. Good night sweet prince.

All of that changed during this last patch when Anet ninja nerfed the skill to death. Now the skill only makes the player invulnerable to damage, but not to crowd control (CC) effects. Basically instead of making us immune to everything, a god amongst men, we are instead a gnat to be ignored and pushed out of the way. Literally. 

See an ele in Mist Form? Pop a fear. Trying to take a point in WvW? Stun that ele and make them weep with shame. Notice that ele running to try and contest a point or escape in PvP? Meh, just hit em with an immobilize and wait for the effect to wear off. 


So what are we to do about the lose of our beloved skill? Well I can tell you that for now it will be coming off my bar and be replaced with Arcane Shield which has the same cooldown, doesn’t lock out all my skills, and does damage after three hits. Sure it’s doesn’t provide the same invulnerability that Mist Form does, but honestly, the trade off just isn’t worth it for me. 

Hopefully this is just a bug that was introduced with the latest patch and something that Anet will un-nerf at a later date, but til then, we’ll just put you over in the corner to play by yourself. Shh…it’s okay…a little alone time will be good for  you.

Until next time, play safe! 

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