SAB-world 2 Secrets Guide!

37 hidden rooms in the world 2 it is no joke that the wizard is almost necessary, in particular for some of these obscure places! I recommend that run on infantile mode to skip all those painful jumps. You will also need the bomb, a torch, a wooden whistle (with songs of the gatekeeper) and wisdom. Read below for all the secrets!

All except the first Hidden room begins after the rafts, so it’s to the point and then Get ready for the “fun”. The bomb is only a tool, what you really need.

After falling out of the raft and move to the main look left and you’ll see a lone shop.

Then, what about part of the gusher of water and over a waterfall, take a look to the left after the control point and jump to the rocks and ledges. Then, what about chuck a bomb on the wall.

Go ahead and die or go back to the checkpoint and head to those hillbillies opposite him. Turn right into the Woods and through the trees, until you find the yellow tree on the flashlight (it will be for the bear). After you burn the tree, Chuck a bomb next to reveal the hidden.

Back to the Hillbillies! This time, pull them out and go after them on a ledge of rocks and the lower layers. To sail upriver to jump up to the yellow pad and bauble. In this yellow bauble Chuck a bomb on the wall.

You get to move logs down the River with the river and a variety of crocodiles. If you look down the river you can see the lonely gusher. Get into it and follow the path screenshots to find secret shop!

In this store (from the previous secret) drop the bomb close to the odd log and check out this haunted hidden room!

When leaving the shop, the bomb on the wall right chuck for the cave of the deadly toads.

In the cave toads, follow the above screenshots and throw a wall display. It is very close to the intersection of the two parts of the secret area.

Before the River with floating logs, on the coast, you begin, is a secret area behind the first waterfall. Just walk on water and you will see the place bombs.

Almost with the Hillbillies, just before the checkpoint.

To get to the waterfall with the protocols decreases. Near the ledge with the second highest leap pad will be a secret bomb instead. The best is to get on one of the logs and featuring the camera to look through the water. Occasionally, bombs and eventually you’ll Chuck a special area to enter.

Click above to jump to zone 2.

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