SAB-world 2, zone 2 Secrets Guide!

You will definitely need a flute for this zone. Best to make sure that you have it already, or have the 250 gems in order to purchase it. In addition, when you run the zone, you will need the gloves of wisdom

Right after the checkpoint you get after weights, continue as normal towards the flower. You can see (from a screenshot) cloud, which will lead you to a representative of the Eagle. In this area YOU SPOKE with EAGLE representative yet!

Hopefully you respect my warning in the previous hidden areas. Displays a tree of dostavením leading to the top of the Hill. At the top is a space, you can place a bomb on the reveal deal.

Progress, usually through the scales and on your way to the first dojo. The flowers of two jump is the area for other hidden rooms. Take a look at the wall to the right and you will see where you have to jump!

Right after the other dojo, with scale, put the bomb on the top of most of the hill is displayed. Godspeed and stay inside to get to the other hidden areas.

Chuck a bomb on the wall appear and you’ll do it for more hidden rooms/ledge.

On the outer edge of the dojo with the gong to see a tree that leads you up the Hill and through several stories of the dojo. You have to get on the roof (through the clouds as well) and jump over the Hill. Bomb the middle and drop. Of course must remain in this room.

Inside the room is a wall, which you can also bombed, leading to chest.

Make your way to the top of the Hill (I know that such a joy). Now is the time to take advantage of this, you’ve seen the flowers. The Hillbillies running around towards the end of the Hill, and make your way through the maze of the raccoon forest boss. You will see a piece of discolored soil so bomb it for are different!

It is the room you need on flute. The song into the water and clean your last secret room for zone 2.

Click on a Waypoint to go to guide to zone 3!

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