SAB-world 2, zone 3 Secrets Guide!

The last stretch, and by far the one with the most shenanigans! The flute and the bomb, as well as the death of renewal will be required for this leg.

At the head of which is tilted upwards to the next control point will be that the side path. Run around them (follow the thieving raccoons) and the way of screenshots showing the head.

Keep your head up and jump down, bright white path around a few bears. Throw a bomb in the area for the ledge, which is a quick way to Kingpen raccoon.

Head back to the checkpoint (aka die). Just before the first polar bears that you come across is the area which you can bomb, shown in the picture above.

Just flashlight vendor shop!

Just after the checkpoint, where the first using a flashlight, a drop-down to collect the yellow tinsel and running through banana. On the screenshots will guide you to a nice secret shop that will sell you a wallet for 500 750 bauble baubles.

You get to the top after the second waypoint and your head around those bananas and spikes. Drop-down list where the screenshot shows nothing to make sure once you are in you are PRESSING forward a couple times so you LAND ON THE pillar of the show.

Once on the pillar of the maneuver as the screenshots above shows on the net the next location.

Back to the top after the second waypoint and head left platform banana spikes. The highest fall, where it shows. And make sure that you fall to the left on “rock”. In the left to play Gatekeeper song open your mouth for 3 yellow baubles. DON’T GO!

Head down to the next level and head for the mouth. Play the Song and the Gatekeeper net fifty bauble!

Right after the checkpoint where you play the mini-games Q-Bert. Bomb the wall directly opposite the opening to get a few baubles.

In the oblong room with spikes and faces on the left and right wall is a place you can play a gatekeeper to the song. Play it on the marked places. This will lead To an area that has a lot of frozen waterfall entrances.

Enter the site and go through a maze like this:

To the left, forward, right, right

That will lead you to a huge area with bananas. Just open your mouth in a zone and all of them prescribe. It’s a song that breaks the ice.

So it is a little tricky jumping and do. The Video above will explain in detail what is going on here.

Make sure that when you are in the last room, the bomb all three walls and go in the right wall will last (it’s a Deathtrap). Also during the jump drive is a secret area that you have to die, and go left at the first fork in the clouds.

Once you get into the room of a giant jigsaw puzzle and bananas, to the wall correctly displayed. It will lead you to your face, play the Song of the Gatekeeper, and benefit from the representative!

Go to mouth in the room of the yeti. Gatekeeper is a song. YOU’RE DONE! YAAAAAAAY!

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