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Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Mesmer

I just kept playing a thief for a few hours during my tenure in Guild Wars 2 (recording session one of the weekends Beta) and didn’t want to invest enough time in a profession really constitute the sense view on him.

What I did last night was to create my alts with one of them is the Sylvari thief, based on Tier 2 and 3 of the Central cultural armor is too pleasant to neglect.

The most surprising thing I found was how to fight as a result of changes in the sense of initiative and the Elimination of simple skill cooldown. The fight is drastically different feel; faster and more focused action.  For this reason it is not surprising to see a relatively high proportion thief players (even if we level with ArenaNet statistics, many others).

Although it could be argued that pushing the initiative one second cooldown, it’s a way of managing, which offers you the possibility of front-end load and or damage, which generates the nuances of the profession.

As someone heavily invests in mesmer was scary to see how little damage, I deal with in the short term, as opposed to a thief.  Many players mesmer argued for some time that we lack the ability to management and other professions, whereas our pity is for an extended period; It can’t be true, more. One cycle on my mesmer enemy, at the same level she’ll see me change two sets of weapon (using all the skills) together with several pieces and likely return to skills that are on cooldown.  My thief is able to lift the enemies in a heartbeat based on unique initiatives mechanic without necessarily having to change weapons.

It is also a special suddenly realized how little mobility preferred profession has, when you can explore further, and I appreciate its mobility requires a thief for survival (as in its use of stealth and shadow step) mesmer, and specifically those of us who have high performance and precision Assembly, require similar objects in the form of steps, and the cloak of skills. The difference here is, that the initiative once again shines and allows recurring darting attacks using only strengthen this position shortbow.  All of this serves to highlight the stagnant nature of mesmer and his use of Flash, or focus as a crutch, that is simply not a viable option for many of the attack stops.

That’s not to say that it does not have strong mesmer (it’s great), but it’s interesting from my perspective to compare directly to second after playing just one profession for more than 500 hours.  Many of the professions in Guild Wars 2 are comparable, a thief and sharing many design principles of ranger, mesmer and a thief or overlapping in some factors, such as stealth/cloak/blink, shadowstep. But where mesmer can shine in a group, play with his use of portals, Time Warp, Null field or the storm of chaos (you should select employee) is also suffering heavily in the dungeons or the world versus the world how you are trying to keep pace despite the lack of mobility at the same time with the illusion and the limited melee playstyle becomes a fully redundant during the siege.

The thief is definitely not a perfect profession as a result of errors, initiatives are already widely (in particular the inability to scale your damage as soon as fall Fund initiative) and the fact that you bring a small area of effect options in the table with the exception of the dagger of the storm, but what is clear is that the profession actually feels coherent thorough and well-thought-out role, which is trying to fill.

If I had to choose, what sort, mesmer should fall within the profession to support the other, rather than one designed to always be alone.  It cannot be denied that 1 on 1 scenarios mesmer is impressive and is capable of enormous damage negotiations (should be able to solve it Phantasms), but the time in which it has to deal with this is the risk, especially if you are probably in a structured PvP quickly contact another Member of the enemy or the team and in the world versus the world of the game is moving too fast for that to occur.

I’ve been thinking about why mesmer players navigate on thief and extremely clear, why would some time.  What a pity to see so many players, however, is a thief to descend to one profession skill spam which provides options initiative is the luxury of just waiting to be explored.

If only he had implemented ArenaNet initiative for all trades and completely removed the cooldown, I think it would be something really original.

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