So……where’s the grind?

So I gotta craft my way up to 500 for one weapon? All those resources in and inflated economy, then after all that make an ascended (since this is the only real way to get your stats) yup seems legit. Best money making method is champ farming, if that’s not a grind I don’t know what is.

Not everyone had 400 of each weapon crafting profession, 10 stacks of ectos and 10 stacks of ori, with reserve stored ancient wood logs (thanks for the skyrocket btw >>) along with lucky life time drops of 3 precursors and 5+ exotics a week. And 100g on hand when the patch went live.

Know what’s not a grind? Forking over 500 Dungeon tokens, Jumping puzzles, mini dungeons, a single 1v1 challenging fight like liadri but better.

Know what is a grind? Champ farming for 10 hours!

I’ll admit sitting at 400 crafting no it’s not a grind … If you have the resources stored or the saved gold. If not? You get shafted and only “not a grind” option you have left is… Spending RL money. Seems legit.

Oh yeah RNG is an option… /Wrath!

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