Tequatl Rising

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Tequatl Rising

At the PAX preview event Arenanet held yesterday, it was revealed that the next patch will be released on September 17th, and will be titled “Tequatl Rising.”  Tequatl rising includes the release of the Looking for Group tool (LFG), and a re-done Tequatl meta event.

Additional information can be found on the official wiki.

Tequatl the Sunless Tequatl has new combat mechanics
New reward system
Intermediate foes during the event will not drop any loot
Completing the event will give a reward, potentially including unique ascended weapon skinsLFG tool Categories for different in-game activities, including Living World things, dungeons and fractals at different levels and WvW maps
Each category will show you a list of parties looking for group from the whole region
Only parties with a compatible size with your own party will be displayed (e.g. if you are two players in a group, you will only see parties with 3 or less players)World vs. World Map changes on the borderlandsReply to quoted posts     Clear     News? Tequatl RisingPrivacy Policy Forum Rules & Guidelines ·

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