The ridiculous female armors:

Jeez, stop with this bullkitten already.

There is no way a full body armor made of metal would be strong enough to stop arrows/swords/axes. Much less great swords and hammers (implying anyone in real life could lift a GS).
An armor with such qualities would be just too heavy and it will be impossible to move with it (implying you weren’t crushed by it in first place).

Congrats, you know absolutely nothing about the real life history of arms and armor. At the apex of full plate armor design in the late middle ages, the wearers were so well protected that they were almost impervious to arrows and the slashing attacks of swords, which caused a shift in weaponry toward bludgeoning and piercing weapons such as maces, polearms, and what today are called “greatswords”, although in reality they were actually used more as a lance or spear themselves, as thrusting weapons to pierce, not to slash.

In any case, plate armor was superbly well-fitted and tailored to the wearer. Weight distribution was balanced, and caused no significant mobility issues. Wearers could run, ride, climb, get quickly up from falls, and so on. It was no more restrictive or encumbering than a modern firefighter’s equipment.

I suggest you go and read further on the subject before displaying your ignorance by making claims with no basis to them.

More on topic, I am also a woman by the way, and I have no problem with revealing or impractical fantasy armor AS LONG AS a) more practical and protective-looking sets are also available in roughly equal proportion, and b) that roughly equal proportion of skimp and practicality is the same for males.

Unfortunately, GW2 does have a slight problem with a) and a BIG problem with b). There are plenty of reasonable female armors, to be sure, but they are definitely outnumbered by less realistic choices. Also, the amount of skimp in female armor vastly exceeds the level in male armor. These are the issues that would need to be addressed to make a difference.

However, I personally labor under no delusions that they will be. Sadly, they have continued and will continue to persist, both in this game and in others.

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