World vs. World Season 1 Begins October 18

Hello WvW players,

I’m here to make an announcement regarding season one of World vs. World. After careful consideration of feedback, we’ve decided to make some changes to both the timing of the inagurual season and the composition of leagues. We decided that it made more sense to split North America into three leagues, much like Europe. In the case of North America, the top six worlds will comprise the gold league and will battle each other in a clash of titans over a seven week period. The silver and bronze leagues will be made up of nine worlds each and will function exactly the same as the European leagues. We’ve made this change in order to have more competitive matches over the course of the season, while still retaining the variety of matching up with a wide swath of worlds during the season.


We have subsequently decided to delay the beginning of season one until Friday, October 18 in order to properly test the changes that we have made. We felt it was in the best interests of everyone that we make this change to the North American matchups and that we do our due diligence to make certain that it wouldn’t negatively impact any other aspects of the season. In addition, this will align the season start with upcoming balance changes, allowing us to maintain this balance through the duration of the season and across the entirety of the game.

The scheduled refunding of all spent World Ability points will still occur on October 1, and there will be no additional refund prior to the start of the season. In addition, we will be introducing bonus WvW rank up chests as rewards for placement during a matchup on October 1. At the end of every matchup of WvW players will receive one, two, or three bonus chests depending on their server’s performance. These chests are no longer character bound and will apply to your account instead. This is a permanent addition to WvW and will continue regardless of whether a season is active or not.


We are confident that season one is going to be a great success and that this new format is going to be even better than what we had previously planned. Season one will still have all the great features we’ve previously discussed, just starting two weeks later. We look forward to watching the results come in over the course of the season and to representing our chosen worlds in their fight for glory.

Devon Carver

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