Command & Conquer Alpha Gameplay

Command & Conquer Alpha Gameplay

Command and Conquer, originally termed Command and Conquer: Generals 2, is a new umbrella series of games in the Command and Conquer series that will be free-to-play online. Featuring all the classic strategy gameplay of the Command and Conquer series, players can expect to battle in old ways and new.

We were asked not to film the entire gameplay session but we got as much footage as possible to show you guy. The game truely feels like a traditional Command & Conquer game plus the developers let us in on some really cool things they’ve got planned for the series! Check it out!

Command & Conquer will be a free to play MMORTS and there is no announcement on when the beta period begins.

Find out more about Command & Conquer at the MMOHut game profile here:

Command and Conquer



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