Ecol Tactics Online Announces Closed Beta Date

GamesCampus today announced the official closed beta launch date for its first browser title, the tactical MMORPG, Ecol Tactics Online. The turn-based browser strategy game, inspired by time-honored tactical role playing games, will enter closed beta on March 7th. A select group of players can start getting their hands on the highly-anticipated keys beginning February 28th.

“We are excited to get to the stage where our growing community can finally play the game-they have been waiting to find out when they could finally jump in and test it out,” said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online. “Ecol Tactics takes the browser-based MMO to a whole new level with a breadth and depth players aren’t use to seeing in easy to jump into browser games. We’re confident our players will be very happy with the experience when they login March 7th.”

Selected players will get to experience a full tactical MMORPG event right in their browser without any downloads. With a deep storyline and customization not usually found in most browser games, players will control their characters as they see fit; there’s no set class to get locked into. Stuck on a quest? No problem: just switch to a different class and try again, with absolutely no penalties. No more staring at spreadsheets or watching a stamina cool-down renew; it’s all about playing the game at your pace.


New Ecol Tactics Screenshots:

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