MMOHut and OnRPG Top Games Discussion 2012

MMOHut and OnRPG Top Games Discussion 2012

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This past weekend I sat down with MMOHut’s JamesBl0nde to discuss our thoughts on what games we covered in 2012 really wowed us. After some back and forth banter we can down to a list covering multiple categories including browser games, most innovative, best new combat systems, best pvp, and plenty more! But I won’t bore you with any more details as James video editing presents everything far better than I ever could. So grab a drink and relax as we recount some of the greats of 2012!

For more information on any of our winners be sure to check out our complete game list where you can find reviews and videos of many of the titles covered on this list! Also keep an eye out as we’ll soon be meeting up for another round to talk about what titles have our heart pumping as we look ahead into 2013!



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