Second Beta Weekend Coming for Firefall

Firefall’s second unlocked “Beta Weekend” has been announced and will begin this weekend on Friday, February 22.

The new round of public testing includes a new video contest and an epic prize package for those who join in the blitz. Players will experience new improvements to the game’s existing systems, plus new features, the final Founders Reward, and integrated Twitch broadcasting.

During the Beta Weekend, players can also look forward to a new community unlock and themed contest featuring Firefall’s unique vertical combat:

  • Mid-Air Video Contest: Submit amazing aerial gameplay footage for a chance to win a Razer™ Kraken Headset, AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 (HIS IceQ X² Edition) video card and a limited edition Firefall Brontodon plushie.
  • Community Unlock: All players who join the weekend stress-test will unlock a custom “mid-air” decal.
  • Mid-Air Screen Contest: The top 10 mid-air screenshots will be featured on the official Firefall Facebook page.



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