The Banner Saga: Factions – First Look

The Banner Saga: Factions – First Look

The Banner Saga Factions First Look 2 620x348

The Banner Saga: Factions, a turn-based strategy title based on the Kickstarter funded Banner Saga, lands on the shores of the free-to-play market without much warning, bringing players a nail-biting, intensely tactical experience with a fantasy Viking flavor. Create a vicious war band of over a dozen classes of hardy raiders and giants, customize them all the way down to their personal attributes, and then test them in the field against other players.  Be warned, this is a highly competitive experience, and battles are won by a mix of careful team composition, wise field positioning and quick tactical thinking.  Whether you’re tired of old fashioned MMORPGs or just plain miss the old days of Final Fantasy Tactics, Banner Saga: Factions is sure to keep you entertained (and addicted) for a surprisingly long while.


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