Valentine’s Day Arrives For MicroVolts Players

Rock Hippo Productions has launched its latest update for MicroVolts, titled Bouquet of Bullets.

Chocolate Heart Melees and LoveGun Gatlings are available at a new low price for those wanting to trade in their coupons. Edible outfits for Naomi (featuring Ladylike, Lovely, Sweetie Puff, and Sugary Sweet parts) and Pandora (Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Marshmallow Fluff, and New’tella parts) are now available, too.

For those who have relationships going south, pull the trigger with the new line of Potato Prime Bazookas, the Dreamer Shotgun, or the Blue Brolly.

MicroVolts promises “you’ll surely get some action tonight” with a Scrumptious Cake, Pie in the Face, Dark Chocolate Heart, White Chocolate Heart, Chocolate Lollybelt, Peppermint Lollybelt, Sweetie Puff Bun-Bun, Sugary Sweet Bun-Bun, Sweetie Puff Pack, and Sugary Sweet Pack.

More special events are taking place in game, so get your sugar rush on!


Bouquet of Bullets Screenshots:


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