Warspear Online

Warspear Online is an innovative, cross-platform MMORPG designed for your mobile phone. Communicate with others through various channels, and create a unique character through with to adventure in the world. Equip a variety of weapons and armor to give a unique look, and protect the clan. With various classes to choose, and five distinct factions, Warspear Online offers a true MMORPG experience.

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Publisher: Aigrind
Playerbase: ??
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: Yes
Filesize: ??

Pros: +Classic RPG feel. +Designed for mobility. +Characters are very customizable.

Cons: -Somewhat generic gameplay. -Style may not appeal to some. -Limited information available.

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Warspear Online Overview

Warspear Online is an MMORPG that looks a lot like classic 16-bit RPGs. You create a character from one of five different clans, and each clan has three different classes to choose from. Various quests await you to do, rewarding money, experience, and items. Weapons and armor show on your character, giving you a good deal of customization. Additionally, you can change how your character looks on a whim.

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Warspear Online Review

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Warspear Online Screenshots

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Warspear Online System Requirements

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