Wii Bundle: JumpStart Pet Rescue & JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

Wii Bundle: JumpStart Pet Rescue & JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

Wii Bundle: JumpStart Pet Rescue & JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island JumpStart Pet Rescue Wii Join the JumpStart friends in a rich world full of learning, music, and creativity! JumpStart Pet Rescue contains 5 Discovery worlds where Preschoolers navigate through 5 stories in a search for lost pets. Each Discovery world contains a guided story told by one of the JumpStart friends, leading children on a learning adventure through more than 50 learning lessons and 20 activities that teach kids over 75 essential skills they need to succeed. As kids progress through the adventures, they improve their pre reading skills, memory, creativity, motor skills, listening and much more! A wildly imaginative and rewarding immersive 3D learning environment that offers hours of exploration and adventure. Seamlessly integrated learning games that allow children to earn virtual rewards while mastering skills. The ability to rescue and care for virtual pets. Children can feed, groom, play with and train their pets to do tricks using the motion sensors of the Wii remote. The chance for players to express themselves while selecting the perfect avatar outfit, hair, features and more! JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island Designed for kids ages 5 9, JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island is the 2nd title in the JumpStart series of adventure based learning games for the Wii. Take off on an island adventure packed with excitement! This action packed game invites players to use their explorer skills and brain power to find a way to escape a mysterious island after a crash landing strands them there! As players race to collect the pieces needed to repair their blimp, they’ll need to ward off the pesky fur balls known as Punk Punks and navigate 3D worlds both above and below the water. Along the way, players can practice over 150 math, reading and critical thinking skills – the fun way! Discover a magical 3D learning environment packed with games, adventures and hidden surprises. Enjoy seamlessly integrated learning games that encourage players to practice math, reading and critical thinking skills to earn virtual rewards. Use Wii Remote technology to run, jump, fly, swim, roll and dance across a virtual island. Ages: 5 9 Practice over 150 fundamental skills including: Alphabetizing Spelling Parts of Speech Contractions Sight Words Sentence Order Syllables Homophones Cause & Effect Place Value Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Measurement Fractions and more! Additional Info: Rated E for Everyone with Comic Mischief
List Price: 39.98
Price: 29.95

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