Zorro: Season 1 DVD

Zorro: Season 1 DVD

The ruthless Alcalde (Michael Tylo), will stop at nothing to unmask his nemesis, the master swordsman Zorro. No one is safe, not even the beautiful tavern owner Victoria (Patrice Camhi) who finds herself framed for murder in the very first episode. But only the young deaf-mute servant Felipe (Juan Diego Botto) knows the truth that the black-clad avenger is, in reality, Don Diego de la Vega (Duncan Regehr). Even Don Diegos father, wealthy landowner Don Alejandro (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.), doesnt suspect his mild, scholarly son could possibly be the bold protector of the innocent known as Zorro! Season 1 sees Zorro thwart one dastardly scheme after another from trumped up murder charges to monopolizing the water supply; illegal press gangs to enforced slavery; even a pair of matrimonial flimflams and includes a special four-part origin episode entitled The Legend Begins. DISC 1: Dead Men Tell No Tales / Deceptive Heart / Water / Double Entendre / The Best Man / The Sure Thing / Zorro’s Other Woman DISC 2: The Legend Begins Part 1 / The Legend Begins Part 2 / The Legend Begins Part 3 / The Legend Begins Part 4 / Pride of the Pueblo / Honor Thy Father DISC 3: The Magician / A Deal with the Devil / Whereabouts / All that Glitters / Child’s Play / A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing DISC 4: Ghost Story / The Bounty Hunters / The Unhappy Medium / An Explosive Situation / Family Business / Palomarez Returns
List Price: 19.98
Price: 19.98

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