MMO Aura Kingdom Towering Pack Giveaway


This week Aura Kingdom launched its first major update, including the Brawler class and and Sky Tower Raid. And we’ve got Starter Packs to prepare you for the epic climb ahead.


The new Brawler class joins the fray, bringing the total number of playable classes up to nine. Brawlers tear through enemies at melee range while wearing sharp claws as their weapon of choice. Their gameplay revolves around building secondary resources called Earth and Sky charges to increase the effectiveness of their strongest abilities. Like the other classes, Brawlers can synergize with certain secondary weapons to unlock new devastating combo skills.

The highly anticipated Sky Tower raid also makes its debut with the patch. This intense new raid challenges up to 40 players to ascend through increasingly difficult floors full of formidable enemies and all-powerful bosses. The first 10 floors of the Sky Tower are now available, with subsequent floors planned for release in future patches.

For smaller groups and solo players, new zones and dungeons have also opened up. Oblitus Wood and Star Sand Desert offer a host of new quests, while Ghostweep Cave and Ozymand Temple await intrepid parties to dive in and take on challenging bosses. The content update also introduces “Otherworld” versions of previous dungeons, complete with new gear and retuned for max-level players!

The Towering Pack Includes:
Noble Unicorn Mount (3 Day Duration) – +45% Movement Speed
x10 Monster XP Books – give you bonus XP, amount based on your level
x5 Lucky Card – each of these provides you with a 10% boost to loot drops for 30 minutes
Mint Lollipop (3 Day Duration) – Special Face Vanity Item, the perfect combo of sweet and minty freshness

To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit the Aura Kingdom redemption page.
  • Login to your Aeria account.
  • Enter your key in the box and click ‘Redeem.’
  • Download the client and start playing!

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