MMO Divinity: Original Sin


Larian Studios harkens back to an older age of gaming when free flowing RPG elements and story were king. Build your own character and your own tale as you level countless combat and non-combat abilities and influence the world around you through dialogue and action. Or join up with a friend in co-operative mode and see if your friendship can tie you together into a cohesive unit, or make your realize how different your ideals for utopia really are.


Strategic and Interactive Turn-Based Combat: Experience rapid fire turn-based combat in which spells, the environment, and your ally can have unexpected impacts on outcomes. Set bridges on fire, explode oil wells, block movement with frozen walls, and more as you experiment to find true synergy.

Real Consequences: Don’t expect to get your hand held through this one. The choice is yours to attack villagers, steal, and commit other acts. Just be ready to face the consequences of your actions, as well as your dialogue decisions.

Evolving Relationship: Your actions and dialogue determine your character relationships in multiplayer co-op. Will you unite to the challenge or become allies of mere circumstance? Extensive replayability as stories evolve in unexpected ways.

Comprehensive Crafting System: Turn random objects you pick up on the ground into useful tools through an experimental crafting system.

Player Created Content: Build your own story and adventure and invite friends to take part as you add new twists and turns to a custom tale.

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