MMO Endless Fury Beta Pack Giveaway


OnRPG has partnered with Game321 to unlock a powerful starter pack to get you brawling in the beta of Endless Fury!

Endless Fury is a horizontal action game. You play as a young man who has a high sense of justice and encounters a secret organization. During your journey, you will need to defeat various bizarre monsters to display your power. You can combine different types of moves and skills to create your own combo through real-time operation, challenge opponents in the main storyline, elite stage, purgatory instance or even fight against powerful bosses.

The Beta Pack Includes:

  • Silver *100,000,
  • Gold *40,
  • Lv.1 Enhance Stone*3,
  • Big Stamina Potion*4,
  • Solid Potion*5

To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit the Endless Fury site.
  • Register and login to the game.
  • Find the redeem icon at the top right, and use the code to redeem your prizes.

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