MMO Lies of Astaroth


Lies of Astaroth is an MMORPG card-battle hybrid with PVP elements. Players collect cards and assemble teams to take out enemies, hunt for treasure, and compete with others. The setting of Lies of Astaroth is fantasy, with a twist of mystery and intrigue.


Strategic Gameplay: There are many factors that determine victory. Players must balance various stats, card types, runes, races, and even their deck order. The four classes of card are Kingdom, Forest, Wilderness, and Hell. Each one offers unique advantages.

Hybrid Design: Lies of Astaroth isn’t just another digital card game. Players traverse the world like a traditional MMORPG, hunting for new cards and monsters, getting into trouble, and even battling other players for supremacy.

Engrossing Storyline: Lies of Astaroth takes players through a saga of their own design, in a world full of intrigue and enigma. The evolution of a players cards are woven into the story itself, and no two individuals will truly play the game the same way.

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