MMO Luvinia World Constellation Box Pack Giveaway


OnRPG has partnered with SOAGames to offer special Constellation Box Packs for Luvinia World!


Luvinia World boasts a massive world map where realm faces down against its rival realm in endless struggle. Choose and branch down multiple class options as you build out your character to embrace your destiny as a Guardian. Only you can prevent the horrors of the past from repeating. Grab you Constellation Box today to guide your fate.

Once the users claim a key they will be awarded with a promotional box, here is the content of that box:

  • Get the Lv. 40 Unique Weapon Pack
  • Lv. 60 Constellation Box
  • 5 bottles of Minor Magic Elixir and Minor Brutality Elixir respectively
  • 3 Enhancing Gems – Grade E and 3 Enhancing Gem – Grade D respectively
  • Sightseer Backpack

If you are at Lv. 60, you can open Lv. 60 Constellation Box to get:

  • Lv. 60 Unique Weapon Pack
  • Lv. 80 Constellation Box
  • 6 bottles of Intermediate Power Elixir and Intermediate Explosion Elixir respectively
  • Sightseer Backpack
  • Vitality Essence
  • 3 Exceptional Gems – Grade C and Colorful Blessing Stone.

If you are at Lv. 80 you can open Lv. 80 Constellation Box to get:

  • Sightseer Backpack
  • 5 Enhancing Gems – Grade B
  • 6 Colorful Blessing Stones
  • 10 Holy Insight
  • Senior Power Elixir and Senior Explosion Elixir
  • 10 pieces of Holy Insight.


To Redeem your Key:

  • Register an account HERE
  • After account is registered and confirmed claim the key on THIS PAGE
  • Login and claim your rewards from Constellation Crystal Pillar NPC (Starting Zone)

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