MMO Monster Madness Online


Monster Madness Online is a free-to-play action shooter from the same team that created Dungeon Defenders. ‘MMO’ offers skill-based combat, dozens of enemies, vehicles, and extensive mechanics and customizability, all with cross-platform play.


Extensive Customization: Collect, build, and upgrade your gear; bind abilities to create your unique class; and accessorize with hundreds of unique trinkets and dyes.

Campaign Missions: Procedurally generated for up to four players, missions not only offer a unique approach to gaming, players can also enter in the ‘Rogue-like’ hardcore mode for additional challenge.

Competitive PvP: 16-player battlegrounds that include Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Monster Hunter, and King of the Hill.

Steamworks Integration: Trade your loot, host your own servers, build your own levels and mods, and more.

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