MMO MyDream


MyDream is a 3D sandbox sandbox created by MyDream Software Inc. Play & construct in a realistic sandbox multiplayer with beautiful voxel graphics and a “rocking” RPG system.


Exploration and Adventure: People from all over the world are making hundreds of new quests daily that allow you to travel across an infinite number of worlds and experience endless possibilities.

Infinite Potential: Your character progresses along three tracks, depending on the type of player you want to be. You can choose the identity of your character: a Builder, Explorer, or Cooperator

Tons of Rewards: The excitement of creating something continues to grow as time goes by: Your structures, environments and adventures can be enjoyed, rated, and actually used by others in their own worlds.

Infinite Possibilities: MyDream is a player-generated game: its potential for interesting features is as big as the imagination of our community of players. With lots of creation features that will surely spawn all kinds of gameplay that we probably haven’t thought of, MyDream is an evolving world.

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