MMO Shotgun News 11/1: Extra Life, Age of Wushu, Runescape, and More!


Extra Life 2013 This Weekened

This weekend gamers around the world will sit down at their desks, dining room tables, and anywhere else they play games to take part in the 25 hour long marathon that is Extra Life. In 2012 the marathon raised more than 2 million dollars for Children’s Hospitals around the world. This year the marathon will be bigger and better than ever. Best of luck to OnRPG writers Ardua, Sephorus, Meticulous Meta, and to everyone else taking part this year.


Age of Wushu Second Expansion Release Date Announced

The iconic Chinese martial arts MMORPG Age of Wushu will be getting a second expansion on November 13th. In Ultimate Scrolls the entrance to the forbidden grounds has emerged with school specific instances where players can claim the Ultimate Scrolls.

Rappelz Epic VIII Part 3 Coming Soon to Europe and North America

An upcoming update for Rappelz will bring new taming options, daily quests, and four revamped dungeons. And players in the United States will be able to take part in the seventh anniversary events which have been organized just for the occasion.


Trials of Ascension Introduces Playable Spider Race

What may be the most unique race in some time has been revealed for Trials of Ascension. The Raknar are an aggressive species of spider. Arachnophobes beware, these creepy crawlers really are spiders, no spider like Humanoids here. Check out the video released yesterday to see one in action.

Old School Runescape Holds Free Access Weekend

Starting today anyone can try out Old School Runescape for this weekend. The free access weekend will allow anyone to try out the Old School Runescape which is usually for members only. And best of all any progress made will be saved so should you decide you like it your account will be there waiting.

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