MMO Stash


Stash is a casual, fantasy MMORPG with a multitude of features. The game has procedurally-generated dungeons, player housing, and plenty of loot. The combat is turn-based, and the graphics are old-school colorful


Player Housing: Stash allows players to build or purchase their own homes throughout the world, filling them with custom-made or prefabricated furniture. Decoration is in-depth and done on a grid system.

Strategic Turn-Based Combat: Battles in Stash require planning, forethought, and strategic execution. Using the right abilities at the right time is integral. Knowing enemies, various weaknesses, and the best synergies is also important.

Mountains of Loot: Stash takes gear acquisition to an extreme. The entire objective of the game is to hoard riches – from gems, coins, equipment, weapons, and even pets. Building a home to house your stash is almost required.

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