MMO The Mandate


The Mandate is a sci-fi RPG which also blends several RTS elements into the gameplay. You play as the captain of a ship, and your entire crew has names and personalities. Each action you take and each order you give have consequence, which can lead to glory, or devastation. The very galaxy you explore reacts to your actions and those of your allies, giving players a massive amount of options with how to see the massive game world.


Interactive Crew: Your crew are not just for show. Each has a name, a story to tell, and is eager to prove themselves. By managing them carefully, you will unlock new quests, lore, and storyline.

Epic Space Battles: Engage in massive ship-to-ship combat, using your fully customizable Mandate starship. Use your position well, and don’t forget to bring your allies to turn things to your side!

Board Enemy Ships: Fighting a particularly tough foe? Don’t just duke it out in space! Board their ship, and take them out with real-time strategy elements where tactics are king.

Responsive Gameplay: The systems in the galaxy don’t forget things very easily. Each action you and your crew take have ripples across the stars, with enemies and allies always coming from unexpected places.

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