Cole Train Actor Says He’ll Reprise His Role in Next Gears of War

Update: Speight is now backing off of his original statement. After originally responding “Yup!” in response to a question about whether he’d “gotten a call” about reprising his role, he has followed up with another tweet, stating, “Let me clear up misunderstanding. I’m willing to reprise my roll [sic] as Cole Train but I HAVEN’T BEEN CONTACTED YET, STOP!!! NO MORE RUMORS!!!”

Original Story: Lester Speight, the actor who voiced Augustus “Cole Train” Cole in the previous Gears of War games, has said that he’s been approached to reprise his role.

Speight made the announcement in response to a question from a fan on Twitter.

He didn’t share any additional details about the game, but the only Gears of War in development that we know of is the one being made by the Microsoft-owned Black Tusk Studios.

Last we heard, the next Gears of War project was still in “the concept/prototype” phase. Black Tusk producer Rod Fergusson, who worked on previous Gears of War titles, is leading development on the project. He previously said that now that Microsoft owns the IP, it can do a lot more with it. He also said that Black Tusk will try stay true to Gears of War canon for its new game, but he made it clear that the studio won’t have any reservations about deviating if it’s in the interest of fun.

Unless Speight has misspoken, now we know it will feature at least one returning character.

He’s impossible to forget if you’ve played the game, but in case you didn’t, Cole Train is a former Thrashball player, a football-like sport in the Gears of War fiction. After Emergence Day, when the human species is attacked by the Locust, he becomes a Gear soldier and joins the war effort.

There’s no release date or even a title for the new Gears of War game for Xbox One, and Microsoft did not showcase the game at E3 last month.

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