Destiny Beta Players Completed 88 Million Missions and Matches

This week, Bungie announced that 4.6 million people had played the Destiny beta, making it the biggest beta test for a new IP on a console. Today, the developer published on its website even more statistics that further reveal the size of the beta.

Destiny players completed 88 million missions and matches throughout the beta. To compare, only 6.5 million games were played during Destiny’s alpha test in June. You can check out a breakdown of Bungie’s measurements below.

General beta stats:

  • 4,638,937 unique players
  • 853,235 maximum concurrent players
  • 6,500,000 Guardians created
  • 966,163 players used the companion app
  • 88,384,720 games played
  • 182,555,165 orbs of light generated
  • 20 percent of player time was spent in the Tower hub world

Story, Strike, and Exploration mission stats:

  • 3,704,508,840 kills
  • 164,413,177 deaths
  • 57,871,777 activities played
  • 97 percent of activities completed
  • 12,292,159 public events joined
  • 97 percent of public events completed
  • 61,919,895 Guardians revived
  • 22.53 community kill/death ratio

The Crucible competitive multiplayer stats:

  • 30,512,943 activities played
  • 350,001,062 kills
  • 123,650,016 zones captured
  • 167,380,061 primary weapon kills
  • 54,675,685 special weapon kills
  • 14,813,794 heavy weapon kills
  • 544,847 vehicle splatters
  • 1,010,401 people participated in Iron Banner events

We played a lot of the beta and you can read about some of our concerns about the game here. You can also check out all of our beta coverage here. Destiny launches on September 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, but it’s not known yet if your beta progress transfers to the full game.

What did you think of the beta? Let us know in the comments!

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