E3 2017: All the Hardware We Saw At E3 2017 (Day One)

At this year’s E3, Microsoft showed off the Xbox One X. Previously known as Project Scorpio, the console features an 8-core AMD SOC that’s capable of delivering six teraflops of GPU performance. This makes it more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

Microsoft announced that the console would launch worldwide for $ 499.99 on November 7, 2017. Click here for over 20 Xbox One X pictures. We also produced this video where we break down the innards of the console.

Click here for more information on all the games Microsoft showed running on the Xbox One X.

Microsoft showed off new Xbox Design Labs controllers that feature new colors.

Here’s a look at the Xbox One X development kits, which provide developers 12GB more RAM over the standard Xbox One X.

It’s been roughly five years since Creative released new sound cards, but the company showed off its new SoundBlasterX Pro-Gaming sound card at this year’s E3. The PCIe ard provides a DAC with a discrete headphone amp and offers 32-bit audio. Like many modern PC components, it features RGB lighting with up to 16.8 millon colors.

Creative also showed off its X-Fi Sonic Carrier sound bar. The company advertises it as the “ultimate gaming audio.” The sound bar and sub-woofer are huge, and do sound great, but they do come at a price; around $ 5,000.

Lifeform has been making premium office chairs for years, but the company wanted to create some chairs geared toward the gaming crowd. They are very comfortable and allow you to adjust lumbar support, the height of the arm rests, and the reclining angle.

At E3 2017, Logitech showed off its PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pad. Coupled with a compatible wireless mouse, like the Logitech G903 or G703, the mouse pad will charge the mice as you use them. The PowerPlay also supports a little bit of RGB lighting at the top left corner.

Logitech’s new G433 headphones retail for around $ 100, sound great, and feature a texture that makes them look a lot like clothing.

Origin PC showed off its new thin and light gaming laptop that will support an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU.

DXRacer showed off a new LED hoodie that was on sale for $ 65. Surprisingly, you can wash the hoodie.

Razer showed off its new wireless Thresher gaming headsets that support the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Razer also showed off its new thin and light Razer Blade Stealth laptop, which features Intel’s high-end Iris Pro graphics. The laptop also supports external GPUs via its Razer Core, which can connect to the Stealth over USB-C. The laptop also comes in a new gun metal grey color.

Tobii was at the show to show its eye-tracking technology in action integrated into a variety of gaming laptops. Using the eye tracker, we could look at targets with our eyes and auto lock on to them.

Tobii also integrated its eye tracking technology into the HTC Vive that allowed you lock onto targets more easily.

Hori showed off a new fight stick for the Nintendo Switch.

Hori showed off some new Zelda-themed Joy-Con skins and a new charging dock that can charge two pairs of Joy Cons at once.

This is Hori’s new equivalent Pro controller. It lacks a gyroscope and wireless functionality, but it’s roughly half the price of Nintendo’s Pro controller at $ 30.

Hori showed off new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe-themed racing wheels for the Switch.

Hori showed off a new gaming peripheral for the PS4 that looks a lot like the Razer Orbweaver. It also allows you to hook up a mouse to it.

Hori is also making one for the Xbox One.

Hori showed off some new gaming headsets for the Switch that are modeled after the ones the characters in Splatoon wear.

Hori showed off a new premium fight stick called the Fighting Edge.

Hori showed off a more affordable fight stick called the RAP Hayabusa.

Snakebyte showed off a portable battery pack for the Switch that charges the console and also acts as a kickstand. It’s also reasonably priced at $ 20.

Snakebyte also showed off affordable new mechanical keyboards that retail for under $ 100.

Roccat showed off its wireless Leadr gaming mouse.

Bethesda showed off the HTC Vive with the Deluxe Audio Strap running Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR.

Bloody showed off its new RGB mechanical keyboards featuring its Light Strike switches, which the company claims offer faster response times than their Cherry MX counterparts.

Bloody also showed off its new gaming mouse, which also use the company’s Light Strike switches.

LucidSound showed off its new LS35X gaming headset that’s designed for the Xbox One. The headset connects to Microsoft’s console wirelessly using Microsoft’s Direct Connection technology. They also support Dolby Atmos.

LucidSound also showed off its LS15X earbuds, which are geared towards gamers who find traditionally headphones to be comfortable.

Alienware showed off new 1080p gaming laptop monitors that support an astounding 240Hz refresh rate out of the box. Their high refresh rate makes them ideal for pro gamers. Aliewnare will have a unit that supports Nvidia G-Sync and one that supports AMD Freesync.

Alienware also revealed that its getting back into the peripheral business. The company showed off two new gaming mice. The AW958, to the right, offers RGB lighting 12000 DPI and customization options with magnetic attachments that allow you to have up to 13 programmable buttons.

Alienware also showed off new mechanical gaming keyboards using their own brown switch types.

AMD’s massive 16-core/32-thread CPU was on the showfloor at E3.

Alienware showed off its refreshed Area 51 PC using AMD’s upcoming Threadripper CPU and RX Vega GPU.

Dell showed off its new Inspiron gaming desktop, which starts out at a very affordable $ 600.

Nyko showed off an attachment for the Switch Joy Con controllers which make them feel more ergonomic to hold sideways.

Nyko showed off a carrying case for the Nintendo Switch that allows you to charge the console when you’re gaming on it.

Nyko also showed off charging docks for the Switch’s controllers.

Nyko showed off its own charging dock for the Switch.

Nyko showed off a new controller for the Samsung Gear VR. You can attach it to the Gear VR strap when it’s not in use.


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