GTA Online patch hits PS3, coming to Xbox 360 overnight

[UPDATE] Developer releases title update for PlayStation 3; Xbox 360 version now scheduled for “sometime overnight.”


[UPDATE 2] Rockstar Games said this evening that it now expects the GTA Online title update to hit Xbox 360 “sometime overnight.” The update aims to address a number of issues, which are listed on the Rockstar Newswire.

[UPDATE] Rockstar Games this morning released the GTA Online patch for the PlayStation 3. The developer is currently working to get it up for the Xbox 360 “as soon as possible.”

The original story is below.

Some of Grand Theft Auto Online‘s numerous bugs and issues could be patched out as early as tomorrow, October 4, Rockstar Games said today.

“We’re currently working on a title update for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to address commonly reported issues with GTA Online,” the developer said in an update on its website. “We hope to have it out for download as soon as tomorrow.”

GTA Online–the multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V–has been beset with numerous issues since launch on Tuesday. In some cases, players have not been able to access the mode at all.

Yesterday, Rockstar removed microtransactions from GTA Online.

The launch issues for GTA Online were expected. Ahead of release last week, Rockstar said players should expect various “growing pains,” including crashes, glitches, “crazy bugs,” and gameplay modes and mechanics that need rebalancing.

These issues are “inevitable,” Rockstar said at the time, due to the “massive” nature of the open-world game.

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