Jamie Lee Curtis Attends Fighting Game Tournament in Street Fighter Disguise

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis attended the fighting game tournament Evo 2015 today in Las Vegas dressed in a Street Fighter disguise. No, really.

As you can see in the amazing image below, The Halloween and Freaky Friday star attended the event cosplaying as Vega. Her family was at her side, too, also in cosplay.

Husband Christopher Guest was dressed as Dr. Bosconovitch. She even played a Street Fighter match as Cammy against her son. She lost, but apparently had a fun time.

Curtis’ appearance at Evo 2015 wasn’t totally random. As spotted by Game Informer, Curtis says in this interview that, “I spend a lot of time playing Street Fighter.”

Also at Evo 2015 today, Capcom announced new details about Street Fighter V’s post-launch DLC plans. And be sure to check back in tomorrow, as Capcom is expected to announce a new character for the game.


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