MapleStory Players Cumulatively Commit 17,000+ Years In-Game

Nexon, maker of the unbearably adorable side-scrolling MMO MapleStory, has released an infographic claiming that more than 17,800 years have been cumulatively spent by players in the game since launch.

MapleStory is a light free-to-play MMO that takes players on a journey through Maple World, ultimately facing antagonist the Black Mage. Players level-up characters through typical RPG methods such as defeating monsters and working jobs, and can interact with other players via parties and guilds, and by playing minigames. The game was developed in South Korea by Wizet, which was acquired by its publisher Nexon thanks to the game’s success.

Interestingly, there are currently more divorced player characters in the game (84,075) than married (79,944), out of a total of 12,985,342 players to date.

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To be clear, these numbers represent the original MapleStory — not MapleStory 2, the sequel released in July 2015.

In fact, the original title is still going strong, with a big update coming on December 5, including new abilities, elite equipment sets, high-level content, improved quest rewards, a new job advancement, and more.

Check it out for yourself, available now on Windows PC.


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