Microsoft trying to bring Halo TV series to Showtime

Microsoft is currently in “deep” negotiations to bring the Halo live-action TV series to premium cable channel Showtime, Variety reports.

Microsoft announced it was partnering with iconic director Steven Spielberg for the show last year. Spielberg will act as executive producer, and he’ll be working with developer 343 Industries and Amblin Television. We don’t know much about it, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said before that the show won’t just be “filler.”

According to Variety’s report, the plan is to have each episode air on Showtime first, then on Xbox, but with added interactive elements. Apparently, these interactive elements (and Microsoft wanting to be careful with its prized property) caused delays. Variety says the companies are now close to a deal.

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed its plans for Xbox original TV programming. It discussed a number of shows including Halo, but did not mention a deal with Showtime.

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