Minecraft PC sells 14 million copies

The PC and Mac version of Minecraft has now sold more than 14 million copies. The game currently sells for $ 26.95 per copy, but early adopters paid less for the alpha and beta versions, so we can’t say exactly how much the game has made to date.

According to Minecraft’s official website, at the time of writing, the game sold 22,641 copies in the past 24 hours.

This is one million copies up from the 13 million copies we reported on in December 2013, and the 12 million copies we reported on in September 2013.

Developer Mojang also recently revealed that The PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft sold one million copies in just a little over a month, and according to a recent NPD report, Minecraft for the Xbox 360 was the ninth best selling game of 2013. Finally, the mobile Minecraft Pocket Edition has sold 10 million copies to date.

Markus Persson tweeted that he’s celebrating by “having no idea how to play [LEGO Marvel Super Heroes] on PS4.”

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